Watercolor Season

For some reason, this time of the year I always feel like being a painter again. I don’t pretend I will ever be professional, but I like making things–with all sorts of mediums. I dug out my stash of watercolors again and painted something.


The title is “rebirthday” because 4/17 is the day I was baptized. I got sentimental, okay?

I can eventually get more realistic if I just practice. The problem is finding time to sit down and practice. I have the exact same issue with the piano and guitar (I use the piano more than I use my guitar…I haven’t played that in over two years.)

From April to about August, I practice a lot–and then as the weather gets colder, I lose interest again. After the trees lose their color and autumn is through, I don’t want to paint anymore.

Why bother if snow is white? I hate white pencils, markers, and (unless I need it to make a mixture) paint. Idaho winters tend to be nothing but snow and slush (which is gray.)

Spring is my watercolor season. I think the flowers, rain, and smell of life inspire me again. Even if it only comes in bursts and does not last more than a few weeks, I enjoy the sensation of creating something that doesn’t involve words. We all need to leave our comfort zones now and then.

Do you have tips for painting in the winter? Is springtime “watercolor season” for you, too?

One thought on “Watercolor Season

  1. This is pretty! It gives the feeling of looking out on the possibilities outside of the open window. I think art is very much about conveying a feeling.

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