sticky post: release date & Musetraps


I’m baiting a Musetrap.

No, that was not a typo; I really did say Musetrap. As a writer, I’m constantly trying to lure in those tricky creatures.

When I was a kid, I told people I had two Muses; now it’s hard to hear from either of them. I just don’t know anymore.


I think they got upset when I started writing about them. Muses aren’t fond of having their secrets exposed. Here I’m digging into their world; I’ve written on just about every Muse, except for my own.

And that bugs me. He’s probably leaning over my shoulder, laughing at how I want to see him but can’t. He’s probably telling me to write this and mislead you into thinking he doesn’t exist.

But what I’m about to say isn’t misleading at all.


Though I have some proofreading left to go (many thanks to my beta Heather for sticking with me since January! You’re awesome!) and the title may change in remaining months…my plot for Dissonance is 97% set.

And you can read it on December.

All I want is to be one person’s favorite author. That’s enough for me.

Thanks for following my adventure as I bait Musetraps, chasing my dream. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was 8. Now I’m almost there, and I’m honored you’ll join me.


Also note my relevant blog title, baiting a musetrap. My friend Kate came up with it when I confessed how I beat Writer’s Block: Listening to John Mayer’s sad songs, while eating peanut butter.

“It’s like you’re baiting a muse trap!” she said.

It was so perfect.

Kate’s book, Bound, is coming out soon! She wrote a beautiful blog post about it. I can’t wait till I reach that point! Support and follow her blog–she’s a wonderful friend.


Don’t be shy. Say hello–I need friends more than “fans” right now, because having a deadline is somewhat freaky. I don’t even have a perfect pitch yet, but that’ll come soon.


Come on over to my Facebook author page and hit that Like button (every number helps!) But if you don’t feel like seeing my updates on your news feed, a simple prayer will be enough. This is a daunting adventure, even if it isn’t the “traditional” way.


P.S. There will be excerpts up on my Portfolio soon. I’ll let you know.

5 thoughts on “sticky post: release date & Musetraps

  1. So happy for you. I met you at a good, exciting scary time in your life. I love the idea of baiting Musetraps, too…and my current WIP in revision, Chameleon’s Dish, was insoired, indirectly, by my near-lifelong friend, Eden Mabee. I dreamed I was whining about writing biography instead of my NaNo novel, because I had no idea what novel to write, while we walked through a lovely local cemetery with our kids. She turned to me and said the words that gave me the story – “You know what you have to do, don’t you? You need to burn down the Globe.”

    And so I did.


    1. Oh my goodness. What an amazing dream. I just love it when Muses use dreams to talk to us because we seem…erm, unwilling to listen to the subtle hints they drop in our waking hours.

      And I’m really glad to know you & so many amazing people, now that I’m trying to get this started. It’s really so daunting. If I were alone, I’d not be making this much progress, or confident at all.

      This comment helps so much. Thanks for the encouraging words–I needed to hear them! :)

      1. I try to focus on little steps, the smaller pieces that will eventually add up to something much larger. It’s easier if I can think of the next step in the revision plan, the next blog post, or the next segment of freewriting, rather than look at the entirety of the project or the life’s work I’m building, as a whole.

        And that dream – it was, and is, amazing!

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