WIPpet Wednesday — what’s a Muse?

Since meeting Kate I’ve found all this cool stuff to do with my blog. Like change the blog title. And contemplate the malice of Muses. And WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by K.L. Schwengel. It’s where you share an excerpt from your current WIP that’s somehow related to the day, so since it’s 7/16, I’ll share 7 lines of chapter 16.

(Okay, it’s actually 10 lines in Scrivener so the excerpt will actually end on a satisfying note. I’m too picky.)

Here’s the linkup if you want to join!

The next question seemed ridiculously overdue. “What’s a Muse?”

“We are servants to music. We bring song to others, delivering beauty to the world. But we must humble ourselves as servants, nothing more. If we become too proud, art will die out.”

“What do you mean, art will die out?”

“Anyone can play a record when they want to hear a song. We’re the ones who wait till it desires to come. Then, when the song finally comes to us…” He made a subtle gesture with his hand, letting go of an invisible load Allie pictured vanishing into thin air. “We give it to someone else.”

*hits Publish and turns off the computer to resist editing impulse*

12 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday — what’s a Muse?

  1. Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! Just your blurb on the right sidebar makes you look like a very interesting person indeed. :)

    I enjoyed this excerpt. My favorite line: “He made a subtle gesture with his hand, letting go of an invisible load Allie pictured vanishing into thin air.” Nice!

  2. interesting…definitely thoughts I’ve had on music and writing many times before. Along with the fact that it never ends but is always continuing into the next creation!

    Welcome to WIPpet Wednesday! *sings the welcome song*

  3. Seems to me that we put too much weight on the Muses to do our work for us. We don’t share the work… we expect their input, and instead of being understanding that we need to offer something in this relationship, we get upset when we’re blocked or the Muse is off inspiring someone else.

    Too much of a sense of ownership… Captive beings might live longer (not always), but seldom do they live richly. I get the sense that this muse needs to move.

    (Did you see the episode of Grimm with the Musae character? Interesting take on the concept as well.)

    1. This is my favorite comment I’ve ever gotten on here. No one else seems to take the idea as seriously as I do. Part of the purpose of these novels is to show the distress we put our muse friends through. :) I have never seen Grimm…sorry…never can get into television!

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