WIPpet Wednesday: windsong

WIPpet Wednesday, hosted by K. L. Schwengel, is a link-up in which we post an excerpt somehow related to the day’s date.

I am so close to finishing Book 2. But I don’t know if I want to call it Elegy anymore. Somewhere in the process of writing, it became more about a song–specifically, the Windsong–and how such a song can save the world. I suppose I’m not in a hurry to name the second book just yet, so it isn’t a problem.

Yesterday, it surpassed Dissonance in length. By the time the first draft is finished, it might be twice as long. For now, though, I’m taking a break from noveling. The month of August will be dedicated to reading and–and poetry. I hate hearing the term dead art, and am determined to reverse that fate!

Since the sequel is nowhere near ready for sharing, I will give an excerpt from the chapter Raindrop Song in Dissonance. Eventually I can share Windsong with you!

Torrents of rain pounded on the roof, bouncing off windows and soothing her soul. It was an orchestra, thumping and splashing, filling the girl with positive adrenaline. Allie set her guitar on the ground and listened, heart racing.

One, down, two, down. Now it pounded harder in a wild, enthralling chorus. Breathe, in, breathe, out. This wasn’t Song, but a friendly melody rising to greet her, natural and real.

She listened to the pounding rain as word and sound merged together. It was impossible to discern one from the other. Soon the air resembled vocals joined in song that wouldn’t hurt her—rather, it healed selflessly, demanding no payment. Song once healed her but demanded a price. This music did no such thing.

Allie hugged her guitar for a moment, letting the music sink in, then steadied her grip and strummed a melody. When did she ever learn chords? She didn’t question it—and with no effort, melody became song.

Thinking wasn’t necessary: This song had been in her heart the whole time,overshadowed by Dark Music. Rainfall gave her a rhythm to build the melody filling her soul. Allie felt like she’d known it forever, but to others it was just another song.

She plucked for several heartbeats, strumming a rainfall. She started over and plucked the tune of rain slowing down, wondering if it should stop. It decided on no and resumed its hammering cry.

Shoshone Falls, Idaho there is definitely a Waterfall Song!
Shoshone Falls, Idaho
there is definitely a Waterfall Song!

25 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday: windsong

  1. Lovely. I truly want to know more about this reality you’re weaving. I don’t think poetry is a dead art – I enjoy creating it, and I’ll be writing a poem a day in October.

    May you enjoy your poetic excursion!

  2. Love this! Rain is one of my favorite things and I truly enjoyed what you did with it here. I used to write quite a bit of poetry back in the day. Not so much now, but the occasional one does materialize.

      1. It does take a bit of stillness, doesn’t it? Or raw emotion. The last poem I wrote in on my dog blog, written for the passing of a friend’s dog who was the litter brother of one of mine. In tears the whole while, but it needed writing.

  3. Just beautiful! I love the poetic quality. The blending of the music of rain and the music of guitar seems just about perfect to me. Bear with me: I love the Impressionist period of classical music, particularly the piano works from that time. This evokes in me the same feelings I have when listening to Debussy or Faure. So lush.

    1. This is one of my favorite comments ever…I never thought I’d be compared to Debussy…writing is really a wonderful thing! :D

      I love piano most of all. Wish I had one. I just have a teeny electric keyboard…it’ll do for now!

      1. I wish I could play piano. My daughter plays, and I usually try her exercises, but I’m not good at all. LOL! I play violin–very different skill set!

  4. I’ve been to those falls! =P

    I love the way you describe music. It’s a way to put the music into words that I think is rarely ever done well, and you do it so well. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m just so curious about when and where this is happening. It sounds beautiful… But also like there is some underlying tension down there.

      1. There were two Chapter 18s at some point, and I recognize it now. XD I thought it was from the next part. But yes, it is a good kind of tension.

    1. It means so much to me that people like this scene in the book, because it’s one of the oldest ones that survived revisions. I’ve controlled my inner editor from tearing it apart, and I guess that was a good thing! Thank you! <3

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