The Looking-Glass, Part III

The traveler returned on his own a day later, his nephew nowhere to be seen. He closed the distance between them, watching her with bored acceptance. “Fine, then,” he said. “We made a deal. Where's the looking-glass?” The faery didn't reply immediately, puzzled. She'd grown accustomed to superstitious villagers seeking her out for her ability. … Continue reading The Looking-Glass, Part III

The Looking-Glass, Part II

Read the first part here! In the week that followed that deal, curiously few pedestrians passed on the looking-glass faery's dirt road. She sat on a fallen log, waiting for someone to do business with; all she got was a chill and a cranky temper. It was evening on the seventh day when the bored … Continue reading The Looking-Glass, Part II

The Looking-Glass, Part I

Prose was inspired by this photo on Pinterest! “Fancy a glimpse into truth?” the faery asked. She smirked mischievously, holding a looking-glass to the face of a weary traveler. He'd wandered onto her favorite dirt road on the way out of the city. He crossed his arms, watching her with an expression not of surprise … Continue reading The Looking-Glass, Part I

The Faery’s Birthday Gift

There was a long line of frustrated people outside of the movie theater. Rain thumped on colorful umbrellas, for those who cared to pack them. A few had come without umbrellas and were forced to wait in the rain. The weather was so unpredictable nowadays that it was hard to tell when an umbrella was … Continue reading The Faery’s Birthday Gift

Excerpt: A Hundred Pages

These days I really have been procrastinating edits by writing short stories. I'm not sure what I'll do with them all, but some I am really happy with; I will be sharing excerpts. I don't know how long all of them will be, and most will probably be serialized. Briony's story is still in progress, … Continue reading Excerpt: A Hundred Pages

Road to Serenade – Day 1

When you're a writer, time goes by slowly. Maybe it's because we play with time in the stories we tell; everything appears bigger and full of mystery. It feels like years have passed since I started drafting Serenade. I completed the first version in early January, and in the time since then, I've learned a lot … Continue reading Road to Serenade – Day 1