Leaves will change From green to gold, Like they do every year— But I cannot Watch them crisp Without shedding a tear. The cricket-chorus Will be gone, Our bushes will be still. When frost sets in, Ice-cold like death, I will absorb the chill. Even lovely things Need sleep To flourish in the day. Flowers … Continue reading Lament


Two broken souls met On the road less traveled. One longed to forget That he’d come unraveled. The other soul, aching, Cursed up at the sky. Her every step shaking, She cried out, “Why?” Their paths met at last, And the silence was loud. Their breath came out fast In the frost, forming cloud. Walk … Continue reading Unraveled


Old watches of silver In glass cases, ticking. How many days have These timepieces seen? How many gloved hands Went to them for guidance? How many places Have these treasures been? Their desperate ticking Is making you itch To run paths forgotten And times far away. Gears are still turning, Memories burning. Go check the … Continue reading Timepieces

Wood of Unrest

Stars above flash in their envy; The Stream below's crying out loud. Even the Lady Moon turns away, Concealing her face in a shroud. A body of crimson Trees shiver. Cricket-song rises, protest! An ancient Wood full of enchantment Knows no spell to give it rest. Are these the days of Beginning-- Or is it … Continue reading Wood of Unrest

Stargazing Again

Better watch your step, Stargazing again! Pay attention to the sign. Don’t focus so much on rhyme. You’ll wake up—but when? Stuck in your own head, You’ll soon fall behind. There’s a trap you can’t escape When your thoughts are not in shape. Seek, but you won’t find. Soon the Moon will turn. Stars, they … Continue reading Stargazing Again

The Sleep

Autumn’s chill caressed the Wood, And coaxed her into Sleep. Leaves then fluttered from the Boughs Into a towering heap. Man admires the Wild-flower, Gem-like on the ground; But what of the slumbering Tree That cannot make a sound? Are not all things in this Wood Reflecting how, in Life, Living things can’t set their … Continue reading The Sleep

Summer’s Quilt

Nature peeled back Summer’s quilt Of flower-beds and all things green. Soon the plants began to wilt; Windows took a frosty sheen. In place of grass, the lawn turned pale Beneath a sheet of fresh, white snow. The pond became a crystal frail; Frigid water lurked below. Picture now that Mother fair, Deciding that our … Continue reading Summer’s Quilt