One bright afternoon, you see Some wild birds in play. If you remain silent, You can make out what they say. Sit here in the sunlight, One bird says to her friend. Because in a few short weeks, This fair weather will end. Soon comes hibernation, The ritual of sleep. As for you and me, … Continue reading Hibernation

Shadows of Light

I feel that we’ve found a place Where shadows are of light. It’s the first time I have not been frightened of the night. Crickets on their leaves are singing To the moon above. Fireflies blink in and out And watch the stars with love. Weeping willow is a maiden Crowned with silver hair. She … Continue reading Shadows of Light


Crickets have a preference for The bush outside my door. They’ve gathered there to make a song I’ve never heard before. If the stars had voices, I would think they’d sound the same— All abuzz with energy, A summer night untame. Wait! here come the fireflies. And look at how they dance! Choreographed perfectly, A … Continue reading Cricketwaltz

The Golden Hour

Have you felt the chill of fall? It’s come this way before. See! it gathers over hills. September comes once more. Cooler mornings changing shifts With eighty-degree days, 'Til there comes October-land, And sweater weather stays. Nimble flowers bow their heads And trees turn shades of gold. Nothing lives that doesn’t rest: This truth is … Continue reading The Golden Hour