On the Solitary Writer

After 70 episodes of my serial, I find myself contemplating it—wondering how it got to 70 episodes—and marveling at how great a difference it can make to have readers. Writing is by nature a very isolated activity. I now wonder how much of that isolation is self-imposed. Why does every writer have to brood over … Continue reading On the Solitary Writer

Guest Post: Author Emma Smith

Hi! I'm Emma Smith, the author of young adult novel 'Guided'. I self-published it at nineteen, and I'm so proud of my story and everything it represents.  'Guided' is about Macey Collins, a seventeen-year-old girl who is just navigating the world of being a teenager. But when she helps out at a camp one night … Continue reading Guest Post: Author Emma Smith

REVIEW: The Blue Salt Road

I believe that humans are, by nature, fascinated by the ocean—and what is not known about her. That’s why so many legends of varying kinds have crept up over time. The best-known sea myths involve Mermaids and their cousins, Selkies. THE BLUE SALT ROAD is the story of an adventurous Selkie who, in an act … Continue reading REVIEW: The Blue Salt Road

Joy in Editing

I had forgotten that editing can be fun. Once I've moved past the stinking mess that is a first draft, edits & rewrites become puzzles--very personalized puzzles. When adding new scenes, I'm figuring out what the story lacks; I'm filling gaps for character development, making conversations meaningful, using words to increase tension. When adding/removing words … Continue reading Joy in Editing

What Goes, Goes

“The trees have begun to let go.” There is no immediate response, as tea is being set. I watch as Grandmother arranges plates, cups, spoons on the old dining table. She has left the window ajar; through it drift scents of rest, of nature preparing to slumber. Drops of dew from occasional rain. Pinecones gathering … Continue reading What Goes, Goes


Sometimes, on a cool autumn’s evening, what we need is light-hearted romance with a happy ending! The book title, THE DUKE’S WRITER, is what first hooked me. All of those years ago, writing was an activity shared by all. Letter-writing was an art, and most people kept some form of diary. We don’t see these … Continue reading Book Review: THE DUKE’S WRITER

Welcoming Autumn

September is here! The hot weather is retreating; pumpkin spice has returned. As I wait eagerly for leaves to fall from the trees, I am looking for spooky and Halloween-themed books to read. Ghost stories have always been among my favorites. I enjoy learning about old houses and historical figures; knowing that some people claim … Continue reading Welcoming Autumn


Originally published in Vella format, The Court Under the Sea is a tale of suspense and magic. Protagonist Karina Starheart lives a quiet life with her parents and sister. Theirs is a happy family, united and strong. It isn’t the sort of family that would expect a large change or challenge. Perhaps Karina’s life has … Continue reading Book Review: THE COURT UNDER THE SEA

Book Review: THE MERMAID by Christina Henry

I’m somewhat of a picky reader. Few novels can hook me on the first paragraph. I’m not looking for cliffhangers or prophecies. What I hope for in a book’s opening is beauty—beautiful words, imagery, the taste of a delicious story. THE MERMAID by Christina Henry — initially I saw the beautiful cover, I admit. Many … Continue reading Book Review: THE MERMAID by Christina Henry