Starry Night by Isabel Gillies


I’m guilty of having bought this book mostly for the gorgeous cover and the title (Van Gogh is an inspiration.) It wasn’t until later that I noticed the reviews on Goodreads are harsh.

Way too harsh.

This book? I enjoyed it. I thought it was lovely.

Most of all, I enjoyed the writing style–which other people are fond of attacking. But really? I thought it was gorgeous, so poetic and fresh.

They complain that characters act older than they are. Some of the most popular YA books I’ve read also have this trait. They’re just not as beautifully written.

Maybe it’s getting hate for being a romance? For the sad ending? The title is a bit misleading, as the Starry Night painting doesn’t even appear until the end, but that’s the only thing that really bugged me.

One of the reviews on Goodreads says to tear it out of someone’s hands if caught reading it. Don’t. Heavens, don’t do it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but…


This book is among my favorites. If my opinion matters at all, I’d urge any romance lover to give it a try, and I’m definitely going to read it again.

I just know I held my breath and waited a moment when I read this part:

He turned around and caught me by the waist.
“You totally don’t have to come if you think you’ll get in trouble.” I was sort of suspended over him, still on the stairs, but leaning into him like I was a ballerina and he was going to lift me into the air.

This book was like poetry to me. I felt like the narrator was talking into my ear. It’s a good thing. Give it a try.

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