The Value of Water

The Lord rules over the floodwaters. The Lord reigns as king forever. (Psalm 29:10 NLT) When you leave home, you should always expect to find yourself outside your comfort zone. Otherwise, you really aren't gaining much from the experience; we leave home to see more of the world, experience new things, meet people. While on… Continue reading The Value of Water


Of Ghosts and Old Doorbells

The old doorbell had been silent for over twenty years. After this house was abandoned, people eventually stopped coming to visit, or even to try and sell things. It had been so long, in fact, that the ghosts started to assume it was too rusty to ever make another sound. Three generations of ghosts dwelled… Continue reading Of Ghosts and Old Doorbells


I Crossed the Wishing Bridge

In the district of Barranco, there is a bridge called el puente de los suspiros. According to legend, if you can hold your breath while crossing it, you get one wish. Some people say it only counts the first time you cross it; at any rate, I didn't know of this belief until a few… Continue reading I Crossed the Wishing Bridge


3 Reasons Why We Need Dreamers

It's recently come to my attention that I am too much of a dreamer...and I don't want to change. These aren't the sorts of dreams with a set goal at the end of the tunnel. When your chosen career is storytelling, it's easy to forget the ‘rules’ and stand out even in your own crowd.… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why We Need Dreamers

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The Book Inspired by Peru

It took a few weeks, but I was right: a new environment will inspire you with dozens of ideas. My idea for a book set in new territory has finally come to me! When we first arrived in Peru back in December, I knew it would happen. Perhaps I would meet a person who wanted to… Continue reading The Book Inspired by Peru


Being a Traveling Pantser

I will always be a pantser, no matter where in the world I'm writing. I had a loose outline for the third book of my series. I even made index cards by taking a notebook and cutting its pages into rectangles - I guess it's easier for me to use index cards that aren't real… Continue reading Being a Traveling Pantser


Story: Prince of the Haystacks

When the young prince first fled into the barn, he thought it too small and messy for someone of respectable breed to sleep in. Having grown accustomed to feather pillows and silk sheets, he struggled at first to adapt and sleep on the hay. But he was fleeing an angry wizard's curse, so it happened… Continue reading Story: Prince of the Haystacks

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I Resolve to Know Myself

  When you leave home and go far from your comfort zone, you make room for God to work wonders in your life. Not that He couldn't work wonders if you stayed home--but it's  more fun for you if you go where He leads. What have I learned so far? You are never finished learning… Continue reading I Resolve to Know Myself


Guest Post: Life in the Tunnels

A couple of days ago, I posted this excerpt from World of Shadows by Emily Rachelle (purchase it here!) If the excerpt wasn't enough to interest you in this story, the author herself wrote a guest post describing the world where all this magic takes place--it's well thought out, magical, intriguing. My review of the… Continue reading Guest Post: Life in the Tunnels

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Excerpt from World of Shadows by Emily Rachelle

I am a huge fan of faerie tale retellings, so when Emily asked me to review World of Shadows a while back, it was perfect. I'm still working on my review (let me tell you now, it is worth the read!) Until then, here's an excerpt from the story itself. World of Shadows is enchanting!… Continue reading Excerpt from World of Shadows by Emily Rachelle