Guest Post: Prepare for Gaming!

My blog is titled life, literature, & coffee–but I rarely get to blog about life, because I’m so often focusing on literature and writing.

That’s why I love having guest bloggers who talk about their lives and what’s important to them. Recently I made a pen pal named Leonie and she’s a brand-new blogger–follow her here!

She’s a gamer and loves what she does. Even though I’ve never really been hooked on a game, I think it’s cool that there are so many and we can have adventures through hem. However, not everyone perceives things this way–so I’m glad she decided to blog about this.

Without further ado, prepare for gaming!

For as long as in can remember, gaming has been part of my life.

My parents owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES in short. We had a lot of games, and playing these with my parents was my first time playing games ever. Mario, Lufia and MegamanX are some of the titles that I loved playing, and are still in my collection, carrying the title of favourite game.

Nowadays, gaming is seen as something geeky, nerdy. For those who are introverts. But experiencing and living in the world of gamers, I can say most of them are anything but introverts. They may not go out often, they may have their own interests, but that doesn’t mean they’re nerdy or don’t have friends.

Looking at my friends, a huge amount are those I have met on the internet, either playing games or on social media. And the things we do together are things we are best at, playing video games. Not only that, becoming each other’s best friends, we’re also there to hear each other’s problems, help think of solutions and be there where possible, even if we’re miles apart.

People still find it weird when I tell them I play video games, but I have gone a step further, I started writing reviews on the games I have played in the past. I don’t mind what people think of my hobbies, but I do want them to respect them and me for making the choices I have.

The thing I do want to be judged on is my writing, as that’s what I love to do and want to improve on. It’s another hobby of mine.

Yup, you heard me, I am a gamer, with different hobbies. I like to write, as well as read and be sportive. So next time you see someone playing video games, or hear about a person who does, think about this blog post.

There is a person behind the gamer, he or she’s got normal hobbies, of which one is playing video games. Don’t judge them for it, but praise them for being themselves, because being a gamer in the world we live in now can be quite hard sometimes.

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