Review: Off the Page by Jodi Picoult


I probably should have waited before reading Off the Page; I only learned after devouring half the book that it was a sequel, and I was missing out on a great deal of the story. Fortunately, this fact didn’t keep me from enjoying the book; I finished it in love with the characters and settings.

Off the Page chronicles Delilah’s life after she gets her storybook prince out of the book. It isn’t a traditional happily ever after; it’s not simple and it isn’t always pretty. She has to teach her overly polite boyfriend how to survive in a world where people aren’t polite; he gets into a lot of trouble at school. There is an amusing scene where he makes a mess trying to use the washer.

The story was well thought out, but some of the transitions to scenes within the storybook felt cheesy and abrupt. At times they didn’t mesh together well. However, it only took some adjusting before I could get back to enjoying the read.

This book was the perfect read for my California trip. I devoured it during the long drives from place to place, making it part of my own fairy tale. It helped set the mood as I wandered a city so different from my own.

Off the Page will make you smile and question what matters in life, fairy tale or not. It also drills in the importance of readers for the survival of a book. Without readers, a book doesn’t come alive; it sits dusty on a shelf.

I recommend Off the Page, but I need to go back and read Between the Lines. Then I can fully appreciate the story told and how it began–when a reader fell in love with a character.

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