3 Affordable Ways to Create a Dynamic Home Library

3 Affordable Ways to Create a Dynamic Home Library
By Miriam Bornstein

There’s nothing quite like reading a page-turning novel, wearing a pair of your coziest socks and sipping tea from your favorite mug on a Sunday afternoon. No matter how large or small your living space is, creating the perfect reading environment is attainable without having to pay a fortune.

Here are three ways to create a dynamic home library.

Image Source: Matt White on Zillow Digs®
Image Source: Matt White on Zillow Digs®

1) Customize Existing Items

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, use household items. If you’re bored with your current bookshelves, paint them a bold color or apply an ombre finish to the inside of your shelves. Polish the look by placing items on display, such as frames, funky artwork or memorabilia. Another crafty way to utilize vertical space is by repurposing an old ladder. Spray paint a metal ladder a jewel-tone color like sapphire or emerald green or stain a wooden ladder dark burgundy to add a colorful accent to your diverse book selection.

2) Create a Library Table and Seating

Access your book collection in a stylish and functional manner. Set aside a weekend to repurpose an old cable spool into a library table with minimal tools and materials. Head to your local home improvement store to pick up the all of your building necessities. Once you’ve created your table, top it with succulents for an eye-catching display without having to worry about water residue near your book collection. For an even cozier ambiance, add a reclining chair or love seat to encourage guests and family members to relax and stay a while.

3) Divide a Room to Add a Library

Short on space to incorporate a library? Break up living spaces by using a stand-alone shelf as a room divider. A wall barrier is especially useful for studio dwellers who desire separate places to sleep, socialize and maximize storage space. Place bins on the bottom shelves to store bookmarks, reading glasses and other household items. If you want extra privacy, hang a curtain against one side of the book cubby. Peel the curtains back during the day or close the curtains for a cozy book nook. Either way, you’ll be reading in style.

If your books are currently collecting dust or sitting in a cardboard box in your garage, now is the time to put them on display. You don’t need an elaborate study or pricey built-ins to create a novel-worthy reading environment. Get your fill of library design inspiration before tackling your space.

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