The Editing Life

The holidays have pulled me back significantly from blogging, but I haven’t fallen behind in all my duties. I have just reached the halfway point in editing for Serenade! It’ll be difficult not to rush the process from this point, but I’d rather take longer to finish than speed-edit and have to go over it again.

I’m not sure how I lost control of the blogging schedule this month, but plan to get back into the rhythm starting January. Perhaps we also need the occasional break from blogging. Ah well, it was Christmas–I hope you’ve had a good holiday and a good year! (It’s almost over…that is terrifying.)

What are your favorite memories of this year? Best books you’ve read? Do you have plans for 2016?

P.S. I’ll be looking for beta readers for Serenade next year. If you’re interested in helping (it’s not necessary that you read Dissonance first, though it sure helps!) comment and let me know. I can already tell it’s not much longer than book one, so you should be able to finish it in a couple of days!

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