Joy in Editing

I had forgotten that editing can be fun.

Once I’ve moved past the stinking mess that is a first draft, edits & rewrites become puzzles–very personalized puzzles.

When adding new scenes, I’m figuring out what the story lacks; I’m filling gaps for character development, making conversations meaningful, using words to increase tension.

When adding/removing words and sentences, it’s much like mixing watercolors. If I want to achieve the desired tone, if I wish for prose that I will like, I don’t mind rearranging phrases over–and over–and over.

Not a real cover, just a mock-up, but isn’t it pretty?

Of the 58k that makes up this draft, I’ve edited about 30k. A beta reader has looked at the opening and reassured me it’s worth continuing in this direction.

Editing tends to be a writer’s nightmare. If it’s a story I like, I always enjoy the process. I’m optimistic that I can have a sparkling novel (and prequel, with MERMAID) by the end of the year.

Thank you for following me on this journey!


2 thoughts on “Joy in Editing

  1. That’s neat!

    For me, I mostly consider editing to be fixing typo and grammar mistakes that it’s easy for me to miss, so it’s a tedious chore I don’t enjoy and sometimes can’t even do because of my dyslexia. This kind of editing? I do most of it in the original draft, working the paragraphs and phrases to have *just the feel I want*. It’s how I always approached writing, so it’s natural to me – I only heard of writing another way much later! And I don’t think in language, so that isn’t a distraction from making everything, the rhythm and the flow and everything else, part of how I’m telling the story.

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