3 Things Kindle Vella Taught Me

Serial fiction is not for everyone–writing it or reading it. When I joined Kindle Vella with my first story, The Sea Rose, I only did so because I already had a draft written and planned to tweak it into smaller episodes.

The Sea Rose did end, though, and since the characters were not finished telling their stories, I went straight into Groundwater. For that book, I really was bringing episodes from scratch, hoping that each would be good enough that readers would want to click Next.

I’m grateful that Vella taught me to have new attitudes when it comes to writing. Some of the things I have learned since becoming a Vellan include:

1- Each chapter matters.

When you rely on cliffhangers to keep an audience going, you can’t afford to ‘let go’ or become lazy on any chapter, even a short one. Learn to make every sentence meaningful; try not to begin a subplot that might soon lose fire. It might be the difference between a binge reader and a visitor clicking away!

2- Writing doesn’t have to be solitary.

I have blogged before about the glorification of the solitary writer, the one who puts pen to paper while hidden away in a tower. If you produce better content when consulting with friends, that’s also valid.

When writing for Kindle Vella, you become part of a tightly-knit community where people look out for one another. It’s okay to be a social writer, too.

3- There are amazing stories.

I’ve read books on Vella that are outstanding. I often find myself wishing that such quality tales could be available at a bookstore, rather than what is currently trending.

It’s still challenging to find a story on the Vella webpage, but groups on Facebook showcase some of the best. If you want something new, check out the stories on Vella.

Vella stories and novels are not the same thing; I had a bit of a challenge adapting The Sea Rose back into novel form. It was fun, though, and I can’t wait for you all to read it this month.

Vella stories help you learn some important truths about the craft of writing and building an audience. If you’re wondering whether Kindle Vella is for you, I promise it is worth the try. If you go into it with all of your heart, you will learn a great deal and improve as an author.


2 thoughts on “3 Things Kindle Vella Taught Me

  1. So glad I found this post, I just started posting my story on Kindle Vella and it’s been an amazing learning experience. Your so right, every episode matters, and I found that I write best when I’m traveling on the train or when I’m binge watching a show on Netflix with my family😂

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