A Dream with a Plan

When you’re writing a novel, the concept of the actual book can be incredibly fleeting. If you’re like me, prone to rewriting and making changes, you can’t imagine there’ll ever be a time when everything is just right and it can be printed.

The Sea Rose is a project about four years in the making. The original version is nothing like that which I have been publishing on Vella. Rewrite after rewrite saw characters evolve, plotlines shift, and places change. I believe that only Vella and the responsibility of continuing to tell the story made me stop this cycle of rewriting. In the novel version, I added some scenes, put meat on the bones–but it’s the same story. It only has more color.

With the help of my wonderful friend M.H. Woodscourt, who made the interior of the book into something stunning (and was patient with me when I panicked re: last minute edits), this week I held my story in the palm of my hand–on paper.

(M.H. Woodscourt is an author of fantasy books; you should check them out!)

This is the result of a dozen drafts, a period of burnout, and a stubborn muse who wouldn’t give up.

This is my prize for not letting life overwhelm me away from writing. I understand that other responsibilities can take precedence, but it makes me sad when people give up on their stories.

This is also made possible because of my dear friends on Kindle Vella, who encouraged me with their positive comments, picking my story and giving it crowns, and binge-reading.

Having reached the age of 29, I wish I had more books bound–there are plenty of drafts rotting away in my hard drive. I could polish them all into novellas and make that shelf of works by me–a dream I’ve had since I was a child.

With a new year about to start, a whole lot of motivation, and wonderful friends I am meeting during the publishing process, I’m optimistic that discipline will help me write more. This series already has almost two more installments drafted (they’re being uploaded on Vella.) I also want to venture into middle grade novels and switch things up a bit.

2022 has come as an unexpected year of blessings for my writing dream, and I’m determined to make every goal I ever set into a reality.

2023 will be even better, but I won’t get there simply by wishful thinking.

If you’ve pre-ordered The Sea Rose, thank you! If you’ve read and enjoyed it on Vella, thank you! And if you would like to be a part of this author journey, join my group on Facebook; we’re all friends there.

A dream without a plan is just a wish.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Advent season!


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