Mariella Hunt lives for books. Her room is a library with a To-Read list which keeps growing.

Her fascination with the written word led her to become a writer of YA fiction, particularly the subjects of Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and faery tale retellings.

Her first novel, Dissonance, was published independently in June of 2015 after five long years of (obsessively) rewriting the story to perfection. It has generally received good reviews; she hopes to release the second installment of the Fallen Faery Tales series next year.

Her fascination with faery tales also prompted her to write The Autumn Prince, a short story she released as a serial throughout October of 2015. It’s available for you to read right now–just mouse over Novels in the menu, and then The Autumn Prince. It is being rewritten into a book she plans to publish.

She believes everyone has a story to tell which the world needs to hear. Her goal is to meet writers and artists of other mediums and find out how they listen to their Muses.

23 thoughts on “ABOUT

    1. Thank you! I will. I’ve always been enthusiastic when it comes to my art. I’m so crazy that I’m convinced I can do anything, which can be a good thing, but must keep focused. :D

  1. Just happened to run into your blog. You have got a beautiful space running here. Loved some of your write-ups. Its very subtle . I guess I will be hanging around here a lot. :) Your thoughts are indeed a revelation. Great work. Good luck

    1. Inkpop was a lot of fun, but challenging. I remember once my book was picked for review, I had no energy to try again. All I wanted was to follow the review and improve my book. I’ve yet to get back to it, but it was a great learning experience!

  2. Hi Mariella. Just to let you know that I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. You present posts on a variety of topics, so I think the award would suit you well. If you decide to accept, the rules are on my Versatile Blogger post dated January 20th. Have a lovely day/evening.

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