Review – Crave the Rose: Anne Brontë at 200

During my adventures reading books I have become aware of the fact that, when a story is timeless, it's in part because of the person who wrote it. I have decided to learn more about the authors behind those stories which have survived over the centuries, which our grandparents and great-grandparents enjoyed. Anne Brontë's biography … Continue reading Review – Crave the Rose: Anne Brontë at 200

My Catholic Conversion Story

I just realized that, as a Catholic blogger, I’ve never shared my conversion story. I love hearing others’ stories about how they discovered the joy that that can only be found in the Church; how they found that, in Jesus’ flock, there is a cloud of witnesses—so many Saintly brothers and sisters looking out for … Continue reading My Catholic Conversion Story

The Catholic Series: My Next Challenge

The Communion of Saints Wondering what the Communion of Saints is? Read this article! As a writer, what I love most about telling stories is that it allows you to create people. With enough practice, you can make them so lifelike that readers will feel them to be like friends. This month, I’m wrapping up … Continue reading The Catholic Series: My Next Challenge

To Whom It May Concern

Let it be said of meThat my words wadedWhere the wavesDevour, Intent on saving youFor a new Day,For it was notYour Hour. I don’t believeI will meet you;I shall not KnowWho you are, Yet my words,Relentless, found you,Be it near or far. For those who found my work long aft I’ve faded like a flower, … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern

5 Plants That Repel Pests

Many of my ideas hide out in the garden. I’ve been most inspired to write a poem when watching a butterfly perch on a daisy; the birdsong up in the trees above me rhymes more than anything I’ve been told to study for literature class. For those of you who, like me, are gardeners as … Continue reading 5 Plants That Repel Pests


Let it be said of me,“She was open, like a book.”& like a book,Some people can’t get muchFurther than page 1.I am a poem-volumeAmidst documents of war;The thrill explorers felt asTheir schooners left the shore. One day I’ll be a Favorite BookRead ‘neath the setting sun.For now, I’ll stay true to myselfAnd whisper my page … Continue reading Prologue

5 Things My Garden Taught Me

I have spent the past three years gardening, confiding my secrets to the great outdoors. It taught me about far more than the different kinds of flowers and how to care from them. Through gardening, I realized humans are just complicated plants. I’ve learned so much truth from Mother Nature and her behavior as the … Continue reading 5 Things My Garden Taught Me

Creativity in Quarantine

I would love to say that I am #StayingAtHome, but I found this situation more complicated—and emotionally loaded. When we first arrived in Peru, we were staying in a hotel. This was where we were when, halfway into our trip, a quarantine and curfew were set; all of the stores closed. Any place that we … Continue reading Creativity in Quarantine

New Book – The Mermaid of Rose Hill – Out Soon!

Here is a photo of me with a case of lazy bed head, holding a proof copy of my new novel, which I plan to release this month. The Mermaid has been my project for the last two years or more. It began as an urban fantasy, but I decided to challenge myself and write … Continue reading New Book – The Mermaid of Rose Hill – Out Soon!

Mythology of the Butterfly

The butterfly is a flying flower, the flower a tethered butterfly. —Ecouchard le Brun Every spring we look into the flowerbeds, hoping to see their fluttering wings. They’re the daydream of the child, and the memory of the gardener. They inspire awe and wonder, and we create environments hoping to attract them. Butterflies have enchanted … Continue reading Mythology of the Butterfly