Classics By Women: NOT JUST JANE by Shelley DeWees

Men and women alike mocked ladies who wanted to write a book. If their tales were indeed written, many were never published. If they were published, most women so feared the condemnation of society that they did not publish with their names. Instead they chose the appellation By a Lady.

Your Favorite Author?

It takes a while to discover which authors you might call ‘favorites.’ I, for one, tend to bounce from book to book, rarely lingering on a single author unless they wrote classics. Charles Dickens has been a favorite author of mine from the start—I read A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve!—but apart from him, I … Continue reading Your Favorite Author?

Movie Review: Becoming Jane

Based on what's known of Jane Austen's life, Becoming Jane is a heartbreaking and beautiful film in which two passions clash. Jane is introduced in the first scene as a dedicated storyteller. She's deep in concentration, whispering words as she writes them. The most poignant word haunted me as I watched the film: propriety. That's … Continue reading Movie Review: Becoming Jane