Did you see the stars tonight? I could hear them cry Watching human promises, Every one a lie. The stars above, among themselves, Feel no need to compete. Each is glad for her own light, Sacred and complete. One by one they turn away, Collapsing in despair: Their grief consuming everything, Leaving their wrath fair. … Continue reading Stars


Your bookshelves are empty. Outside, the leaves fall. We're waiting through The saddest autumn of all. Your piano is sleeping— Too great for my hands. Still, I will play ‘Til my heart understands. I took home your paper To sketch out your face, But you have a smile That art can't replace. The trees out … Continue reading l’automne

Tuesday Morning’s Child

Snowy hills have piled; Whispering wind is heard. Only Tuesday morning’s child Makes out every word. Frosty window-glass, Snowy blankets grand. Which dark things have come to pass Upon this frigid land? Things the sun has seen, Things the moon will mourn, Until every soul has passed Away and been Reborn. How can human tongue, … Continue reading Tuesday Morning’s Child