Welcoming Autumn

September is here! The hot weather is retreating; pumpkin spice has returned. As I wait eagerly for leaves to fall from the trees, I am looking for spooky and Halloween-themed books to read. Ghost stories have always been among my favorites. I enjoy learning about old houses and historical figures; knowing that some people claim … Continue reading Welcoming Autumn

3 Hobbies I’m Learning In 2022

While I did not make any resolutions this year, I did choose activities and pastimes to focus on. Previous years have seen me dedicated to writing, rewriting and editing the same story. While none of this work was a waste—the practice helped my writing style to improve—it left little room for other hobbies. In 2022 … Continue reading 3 Hobbies I’m Learning In 2022

Creativity in Quarantine

I would love to say that I am #StayingAtHome, but I found this situation more complicated—and emotionally loaded. When we first arrived in Peru, we were staying in a hotel. This was where we were when, halfway into our trip, a quarantine and curfew were set; all of the stores closed. Any place that we … Continue reading Creativity in Quarantine