Of Ghosts and Old Doorbells

The old doorbell had been silent for over twenty years. After this house was abandoned, people eventually stopped coming to visit, or even to try and sell things. It had been so long, in fact, that the ghosts started to assume it was too rusty to ever make another sound. Three generations of ghosts dwelled […]

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Story: The Fisherman’s Boat

It was one of the last warm days before fall kicked in with all its chill. School had just ended for the day, and two children walked through the woods, a sister and her younger brother. To the boy, this was a new route home. However, his sister had been here before; she was taking […]

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A Dreary, Abandoned Place

Drip. Drip. Tea trickles over the side of an overturned saucer, but no one is around to right it or wipe the wooden floor. The front door of this old house has been left wide open, pictures on the wall knocked over to show signs of a struggle. A stray cat wandered in not long […]

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Am I Lost?

Am I lost? the young girl wondered, peering up a tree. She clutched at her teddy bear, frowning with confusion; what she knew in her mind contradicted how she felt in her heart. If she was lost, then she preferred it this way. The forest felt like home. She’d been wandering for hours among ancient […]

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The Melody of Moving On

In the past, the ocean’s cry had never filled my heart with sorrow; everything had changed. My heart felt heavy as I approached the lighthouse one last time. Without her hand to hold, the place was bleak, haunted by years of shared laughter. Our favorite spot at the cliff’s edge had seen good memories, all […]

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The Enchantment of Spring

Inspired by this photo on Pinterest! It was a pleasant, bright afternoon. Not a trace of frost remained from the colder months, and the world was coming back to life. In the village, children played, singing songs and shouting. Windows were flung open so that laughter could be heard, sounds of joy because beauty had […]

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The Hopelessness of a Firefly

Crickets sang in chorus, a merry song dancing around like freedom. Fireflies drifted from bush to bush, their light bringing sparkle to the hollow. They couldn’t outshine the moon, a familiar face in the sky; some believed it saw and knew all. In the light of the moon, I caught a firefly in a my […]

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