3 Hobbies I’m Learning In 2022

While I did not make any resolutions this year, I did choose activities and pastimes to focus on. Previous years have seen me dedicated to writing, rewriting and editing the same story. While none of this work was a waste—the practice helped my writing style to improve—it left little room for other hobbies. In 2022 … Continue reading 3 Hobbies I’m Learning In 2022

Series: Romance on the Orient Express

I’ve been quiet lately! A terrible case of Blogger’s Block meant I was at a loss for what to post. I know now to be careful with my projects in order to avoid burnout. Thankfully, the winter months are coming—and I tend to be most inspired when it is chilly out! I have been enjoying … Continue reading Series: Romance on the Orient Express

Excerpts From Sketchbook #1

I’ve been doing a bit of everything. I am participating in a challenge—100 days of drawing—and for some reason I really enjoy drawing animals. Here is an unusual blog post—a few glimpses into my sketchbook! Happy weekend! Mouse sheltering under a leaf! I don’t color all of them. Mouse is cold. He found a candle … Continue reading Excerpts From Sketchbook #1