the cover reveal’s in 2 days. thanks, guys!

I have a book cover reveal coming up in two days, and I just want to thank everyone who’s volunteered to help me. Honestly, when I first decided to self-publish, it had been painted to look like such a bleak and lonely path…but I met some wonderful people who changed my perspective on that entirely.

People all over the world have volunteered to use their blogs and facebook walls to help me reach as many people as possible. I know even two or three views of the beautiful cover Syd designed, that’s a potential audience. The only thing that bothers me is that I can’t reach out and hug you all. Just know I am so grateful that you’re helping me kick off my career, even if it’s just a cover reveal.

The book isn’t out till hopefully late June. Hopefully.

As you know if you’ve been following my blog, setting release dates got me into a lot of trouble. When I was unable to publish on the 12/13/14 release date, I fell into a horrible slump…I felt like I’d let someone down–myself, at any rate. I felt like walking away from the whole project. But with the coming of spring, I’m back in action.

That’s what I get for trying to take control of a project that, from the beginning, is only possible because of God. He gave me the gift of writing, the story I’m telling, and all these amazing friends who’ll be helping me.

And while a cover reveal is by no means the end of this project, it’s one of the final steps to getting it published. This story is finally going to have readers. Even if there aren’t thousands, a handful of people who like the story will be enough for me.

To everyone who’s stood by me with this project from beginning to end–thank you for believing in me and offering your time–to hear me complain, to give me advice, to tell me things will work out. I’ll still need all of you after the 19th. Love you guys! There are so many of you to thank. After the 19th I’m going to dedicate a post to all of you, so the world will know how awesome you are.

I really, truly wouldn’t be brave enough to do this alone.

So thank you. And to my readers, I hope you stick around on the 19th–and share the cover on social media, if you can. Every bit helps. Hopefully this will be the first cover reveal of many.

One thought on “the cover reveal’s in 2 days. thanks, guys!

  1. Yes! I’m so excited to participate in the cover reveal at last! :) It has been a blessing to me to watch God carry you through your publishing journey, and I’m really excited to see what comes for you next. :D

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