Finding Faith: A Book of Poems by Faith Owen

11304412_10206670715949986_1333663446_nOver the years, I’ve met amazing people with many stories to tell.

Some are gifted at poetry in a way I’m not; I’m blessed to call a few of these people friends. Faith is one of these friends. We’ve known each other forever, and I even got to meet her once. 

She has compiled her life experiences so far into a book of poetry and I am glad to feature it now. I asked Faith to introduce herself and tell you about her book.

Follow Faith on Tumblr, and be sure to take a look at her work!


51gkVTw3FdLFinding Faith is a collection of poems I wrote over a four year period. They’re almost completely in chronological order.

It’s a survival story, a story about how I not only found myself but reasons to live.

I like to think that poems, like other art forms, are comparable to mirrors. As you read you see yourself in them. While the book is my story, I published it so others could make it their own.

As humans, we’re here for each other and it’s important to talk about things that are hard to talk about. The more we talk about them, the easier it gets. I’m a lot more open about my experiences since publishing this book, and I hope it helps others to open up more.

I plan to publish another poetry book within next year. All my earnings from this book will go into making the next one, so please think about getting a copy for yourself–and maybe as a gift for someone else.


buy it on Amazon here

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