the first week of being published

Dissonance Cover Img Front

A week ago, on May 29, I forced myself to stop dancing around the decision and began taking the steps to publishing Dissonance. Now it’s on Amazon for $2.99, and will be on Nook soon; the paperbacks are being worked on. I’m still in a bit of a shock.

If you have a Kindle, you can buy Dissonance right now by clicking here.

I would never, ever have been able to make it this far without great friends to support me. If you’ve been here the whole time, or we only met when the really scary publishing stuff was happening, thank you for being here. 

Let me recount my week so far.

I told a neighbor about Dissonance the day it was published, and this neighbor just so happened to have a Kindle. Well, I don’t have a Kindle. I have a Nook. So I asked him to show me the book on his Kindle if he bought it. Guess what? He bought it a few days later and called me over so I could see what Dissonance looks like on a Kindle.

These are neighbors I’ve known since we moved to this house. We’ve been neighbors for eighteen years and they didn’t know I was a writer. Not only that, though–I never thought I’d be seeing my work in their Kindle. That they’d be reading my words. And it sank in how certain it is, how set my vocation is as a writer.

It always has been.

Some of my family want to see the book cover but don’t have eBook readers, so at Walgreens I had a few prints made that I could write on and send to family until they can buy the print copy. And it’s just so beautiful in every format–on the computer, as a photo, even as a poster (because I couldn’t resist making one.) Syd Wachs, your work is beautiful and you will never understand how grateful I am for the time you put into it.

So this poster happened to be the same size as a fancy photo frame my grandma bought me two years ago. I didn’t have any 11×14 pictures to put in it, and just kept it hanging around with the Eiffel Tower cardstock thing because it was pretty. I figured I’d save it for a wedding photo or something, but then realized–this is just as important. So now my book cover is on the wall.

Here is a collage of my Thursday.


It’s basically been me staring at my Amazon and Goodreads page, then at my book cover, in slight disbelief that I. am. an. author.

Soon I’ll have to snap out of it and write another book.

But it’s been a beautiful week of seeing a dream come true. God is good. And you guys are awesome for having been around to encourage me.

If you have an account on Goodreads, please follow me on there. Oddly it’s the thing I’m most proud of having achieved–but the Amazon author page isn’t too shabby, either. And if you know people who like to read, tell them about this book–word of mouth is my best friend right now.

As we speak, I’m getting ready to order the proof paper copy.

And when it arrives, I’ll probably cry again–like I did when I saw my book on Amazon.

And those are happy tears.

Thank you. xx

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