proof copies, bookshelves, and review wars


Because I am determined to maintain good habits, here is another Monday blog post to keep you updated on my life. It’s tempting to consider a week uneventful, but when I look at my Instagram feed I see little things have been going on to create a big adventure.

I got a proof copy of Dissonance, but since I chose a matte finish and the cover was dark to begin with it doesn’t look that great. So I have ordered two others, with slight alterations to make the cover look better, and am praying they’ll be just right. Meanwhile I’ve been reviewing the interior and am quite pleased with how it looks.

Dissonance is now available on nook and Kindle for $2.99! Buy and help me start my coffee tasting career!


Brett and I wrote our first ever Review War on Garth Nix’s Sabriel. The first one was hosted right here at my blog, but the next one will be at his place in July. It was fun reading a book with someone else and breaking the standard book review mold.

With review wars, not only can you find out if a book is good–you get to take a side and see how certain things were perceived differently. I’m eager to write more of these and test myself as a reader and reviewer.

(Also, Garth Nix saw the post and favorited it on Twitter, which is definitely something!)

I finally got my new bookcase set up. And on the same day I bought a bunch of old books at a garage sale so it got full pretty fast. My room has always been a library, but even more so now. I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to read all these books.


My purple flower is growing and I’m fascinated to see how much taller the stalks have gotten. This is truly a beautiful time of the year. Warm weather and visits to the swimming pool made a satisfying week indeed.

You see, my life is very bookish. Even when I try to talk about other things it always comes back to books. I’m not complaining. Should I organize my new bookcase by genre, author, or title? Help me decide!

Books I’m reviewing this week:

Be sure to check back!

2 thoughts on “proof copies, bookshelves, and review wars

  1. The proof cover does look dark in that picture. Hope you’re able to work something out!
    Also love your new header with how you did your name. Usually I’m on my phone when I’ve looked on your site, but now since I’m on my computer I can see it. Looks awesome :)

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