I Resolve to Know Myself

  When you leave home and go far from your comfort zone, you make room for God to work wonders in your life. Not that He couldn’t work wonders if you stayed home–but it’s  more fun for you if you go where He leads. What have I learned so far? You are never finished learning […]

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The Late Serenade Announcement

My second book, Serenade, has been available on Kindle for a few weeks now, but I didn’t want to write a blog post about it until you could get it on paperback. Now it’s all set up (get your paper copy here!) and I can finally gush about it. This is the second book following […]

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The Hopelessness of a Firefly

Crickets sang in chorus, a merry song dancing around like freedom. Fireflies drifted from bush to bush, their light bringing sparkle to the hollow. They couldn’t outshine the moon, a familiar face in the sky; some believed it saw and knew all. In the light of the moon, I caught a firefly in a my […]

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Poem: Old Words

old words on crisp paper, new words in my racing mind… ideas vanishing like vapor, foreign colors – make me blind… love is written with four letters symbols – stare until they’re vague; humans chasing it, like beggars fail to find it, die of rage – for old words on crisp paper undying love can’t […]

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