Dissonance is now available in print!


A few days ago two proof copies of Dissonance arrived in my mailbox and they looked absolutely perfect, as opposed to the first disastrous attempt. I’d selected a matte finish for the first one and it just destroyed the details of the image. You couldn’t tell the silhouette is of a girl in the background. So I lightened the picture a little and everything worked out just fine.

So naturally I dragged my brother out to do a book photo shoot because this is just an amazing experience.

collageI don’t know if I’ve perhaps been annoying people with my enthusiasm, but I can’t help it. I’ve been working for a long time to see this story bound and (soon) in peoples’ hands. I know as it’s my first book it will not by any means be my best, but I really gave it my all and am proud of the outcome. I am also looking forward to working on the next installments.

(As you can tell, I tend to get way ahead of myself when it comes to writing.)

If you want to buy it for your Kindle click here, and for nook you will find it here. But if you prefer to read paper books, you can order your copy here!

Also, please leave a review. I don’t mind honest reviews and I know not everyone is going to like the book, but reviews (even if they aren’t glowing) give the book something to lean on. If you have friends who like to read, maybe mention this book at some point.

If you don’t think this is the kind of book you’d normally read, I’d still love to be friends! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

Brianna was the first person to get a copy of my book, and we did a Part Two photo shoot! It was fun and I just realized we’re both wearing almost the same shade of pink!

bricollageIf you get the book, I hope you enjoy it! ♥


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