my dream–finally in paperback


I’m supposed to make these life posts on Monday but it is Tuesday. Clearly I’m a day late but I’m doing better because I remembered to post and am amending my mishap now.

What happened this week?

Dissonance is available in paperback. And with that done, I can finally move onto the sequel, Elegy. I have a 60k draft I never finished, and seeing my first book in paper gave me the motivation to look at its sequel. I am totally pumped to get started again.

Dissonance is also available on nook and Kindle for $2.99! Buy and help me start my coffee tasting career!

Some friends have already ordered their copies. It is thrilling, humbling, unnerving to think I’m going to be up there on their bookshelves with my little book I spent so much time writing. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who’s been around all this time.


If you missed my post about the book photo shoot, check it out. I was thrilled to give the first copy to my friend Brianna! Now comes the scary part–waiting to find out if she liked it.

And waiting to find out if you like it. Do you think you’ll enjoy Dissonance? I’d really love for you to read my story, so if you think it’s something you’d enjoy, consider having a peek!

To buy on paperback, click here.

This is without a doubt the most memorable summer of my life, because it’s the summer I became an author.

What else happened?

I won a signed bookplate from the amazing and sweet author Susane Colasanti. I am happy to have helped with her giant giveaway, and can’t wait to read more of her books. I’ve had the bookplate on my desk ever since I got it, just to stare at it. And she has kindly agreed to guest post for me, so I’m really excited to have her!

This week’s collage makes me giddy because it’s my life as I want to live it. Life, literature, coffee–and the beautiful summertime weather. I am living the dream right now and nothing–not the fear of negative feedback, or the 110 degree weather we’re facing in the next few days–nothing can soil this happiness I feel deep inside.


Don’t give up on your dreams–your books, or music, or whatever. It may take five years and a couple of surgeries and many tears of frustration.

The moment I saw my books bound and looking perfect made everything worth it.

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