Cover Reveal: Hello, Handsome by Caity H.

Happy December! I’m excited to participate in the cover reveal for Hello, Handsome–written by a friend of mine and sequel to Hello, Honeybee! I’ll be reviewing Hello, Honeybee soon; if you want to check it out, it’s available here!

for Cover Reveal!


Honeybee and Lex are back and ready to rock this sequel business.

When we first met Olivia (nicknamed Honeybee) and Lex, we heard the story from Olivia’s point of view. But that all stops today! Lex Diamond is taking over the narration.  Say hello to Handsome.

Our “will they or won’t they” couple starts the book on the verge of adulthood. You read that right, ladies and gents. Lex Diamond is going to college. But, he will soon realize that moving out is not as freeing as he’d hoped. College means more homework, more intense soccer practices, and way more heart-to-hearts about his love life than he’s used to.

Despite the fact that everyone around him seems to be saying Honeybee is the one for him, Lex can’t see it. It might take a blow to the face for him to finally see what everyone else does, and even then, what if he’s too late?

Join Lex in the next phase of his life, as he struggles to balance his new responsibilities as narrator. Watch him flounder around other women, help bandage him up after a beating, and cross your fingers as he navigates his relationship with Honeybee. He’ll need all the luck he can get.

About the Author:

575220_2669783682675_311486910_nCaity H is a twenty-something writer, living on a steady diet of homework and good tunes. In her spare time, she likes to procrastinate and binge watch TV shows. Writing is also high on her list of “favorite things to do.” If you want to follow this rad chick, her social media links are listed below. She posts funny things sometimes. Promise.

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter. To find all her books, visit her Amazon page!

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