3 Ways I’m Decluttering For 2022

You know that desk drawer where you toss in junk that goes forgotten for years? At the end of 2021, I felt as if I had opened that drawer and been shocked by how much was in it. I was anxious, unable to focus or find ways in which I could improve.

A new year is a fresh start, a clean slate, but I could not clear my mind in order to begin 2022 on the right foot.

The first week of January has made me aware of ways I can clean my ‘mental drawer.’ I looked not only into my room but also at my computer and phone. I couldn’t believe the clutter that had gathered in so many corners of my life. There were projects I’d never finished, ideas for sketches I abandoned, and quote pictures I’d saved on impulsive.

In the days that follow, I will be trying three things in order to deal with the clutter in my life.

1- Put Away My TBR Pile

I’ve developed a habit of gathering books I intend to read in one spot, regardless of how soon I’ll be able to read them. This is not a pretty shelf of eclectic novels! It takes up a lot of room on the desk or even on the sofa. It also hinders my reading, making it difficult for me to focus.

These books are returning to the shelf until I finish my current read and can get to them. Aside from making my desk more functional, it will reduce my temptation to speed-read books without enjoying them.

2- Clear My Photo Library

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need 1,000 memes on your smartphone! In my case, I don’t save memes. I don’t need 1,000 pretty pictures of buildings I intend to sketch ‘some day.’ When we fill our libraries with unimportant things, pictures that matter are pushed back.

Life is lived outside of the computer. I’m going to clear my photo library of things I intended to sketch. If I save a few, they’re going in a folder. I’ll write quotes in a special notebook and delete the images on which I found them. I want to have an album that reminds me of who I am and what I love.

3- Set Prayer Time

We all waste time staring at the wall, thinking about our problems. This does not solve the problems or make us feel any better.

Prayer does.

I will shake this habit of panicking and spend more time in meditation, filling my mind with God’s promises rather than my own worries. I’ve memorized Psalm 23 to pray when I am anxious; I will memorize more. I’ll write in a prayer journal about the things that trouble me, because honest prayer is heard.

I’m going to empty all of the junk drawers in my life. I am inspired by the blank page, peaceful and loaded with promise. If you also want to clear out the junk in your life, try these things—or find other methods to help you face the year with a fresh mind.

7 thoughts on “3 Ways I’m Decluttering For 2022

  1. Great post! I’m also trying to declutter my life this season: going through junk drawers along with pictures, notes and music my phone. I have a lot of extra things saved because I don’t want to lose them or forget them, but a lot of that is fear of letting go. I’m cleaning it all out and trusting that, if I need it again later, God will put it back into my life exactly when I need it and when the time is right


  2. I’m going to be in the process of decluttering physical places and mentally throughout 2022 so this was encouraging to read. It’s goo to learn how other people are going about it as it gives me a few ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the post! I really love your quote “Life is lived outside of the computer” . What a great way to explore life physically and not vicariously through photos!

  4. I am definitely going Maria Kondo on all of my wardrobe. Whatever does not bring me joy is getting donated. Thanks for these amazing tips as I need to implement a couple of them in the coming weeks

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