Kindle Vella Author Spotlight: May Leonardo

Having joined Kindle Vella a week ago with my own novel, The Sea Rose, I quickly discovered that there are stories being published on this platform which are very impressive indeed. Vella authors share a feeling of companionship, and the platform also offers monetary gain if you advertise correctly. It’s a fun place to meet new writers and explore works which are not in bookstores yet.

I believe that the Kindle Vella authors deserve acknowledgment. Don’t think it’s the easy way to publish; from editing, to keeping schedule, to even making sure the chapter actually publishes on time, Vella is a challenge we happily accept. I hope the literary world will pay more attention to these authors.

I will be interviewing a Vella author every week to try and spread the word about this fantastic writing platform. My first interview is with May Leonardo whose story Time Travel and Cupcakes had just the right hook to get me reading; I’m sure it would hook you, too!

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Tell me about yourself!

My name is May. I have a background in marketing and procrastination. I live in sunny Southern California with my two preteen boys and a very patient husband. When I’m not spending quality time with my guys, you can find me hiding with a book, camping in my vintage trailer, or sitting in my pjs writing. I am a Potter Head, Fred Head (google Fred Harvey), professional Netflixer and have this unnatural obsession with aesthetics from the past. I have recently published my first story on Kindle Vella and am loving the writer life.

Which books inspired you to become a writer?

I blame romance novels.

My love of romance novels goes back…way back…1990s back. I grew up when YA wasn’t really a thing, so I jumped into the world of romance novels at a very young age, maybe too young. Nevertheless, I was hooked. The romance, the passion, the happily ever after….I never wanted that rush of endorphins that dash through the brain once the last page is turned to ever go away. So, I became a writer.

What do you love most in a story?

There are so many things I love about a great story, but my favorite is the free travel. A story can sweep you off to far-away lands, a different time period, and other worlds. No Dramamine needed!

Tell us about your plot!

My genre is Time Travel Romance. My story is about finding love and having the courage to embrace it. As the story progresses, my main character learns about friendships, self-esteem and true love. I sprinkle humor, sass, banter and happily ever afters through out the plot. Natalia can tell you more about her adventure in her own words below:

Time travel is real…and complicated.

Armed with a broken heart, an unused bridesmaid dress, and sky-high anxiety, I find myself in 1880 California. The no WiFi, no penicillin, no tampons 1800s. The culprit? An enchanted necklace.

Thanks to a case of mistaken identity, I have a place to sleep and employment. However, oblivious of what life is like in the old west, I’m winging it. My top priorities, blend in and find a way back home. My possible undoing—Gavin McCallum.

Gavin is tall, dark, and delicious. Also on the list: charming, brilliant, successful, and sometimes full of himself. As his new bright shiny object, he is determined to woo me. I am determined to stay away. Resistance may be futile.

I try to keep my focus on my priorities…but he has abs.

Will I ever find a way home? Do I still want to go home? Like I said, time travel is complicated.

Is there a message that you want readers to walk away from your story with?

You have always been enough.

Why did you choose to publish with Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is new and I suffer from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. Also, I became intrigued by how the platform works. Kindle Vella readers can provide feedback through reviews instantly, potentially becoming participants in the story’s creation. The platform also reminds me of how we watched TV in the 90s, but better, we don’t have to wait for the commercials to go to the bathroom.

Read Time Travel and Cupcakes now!

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