What Multi-Genre Author Really Means

Of course, I knew that writing all different kinds of romance stories wasn’t recommended for a new author, because it’s much harder to find a readership when the type of story you write is always different. But, I’ve never been the kind of writer who could force myself to write one thing or another.

Pre-Order THE UNDERGLOW by Teshelle Combs

Aurelie Kendrick hasn't spoken a word since she was a young girl. Lucky for her, vampires, known in her world simply as "pyres" like Alexander don't speak either. But in a dark world where pyres are enslaved, forced to drink the blood of their masters, can the speechless find a voice?

Guest Post: A New Way To Read by Sheila Sellinger

There’s a new and unique way for you to read eBooks. It’s called Kindle Vella. And it’s vastly different from the common methods you’re likely familiar with – standard eBooks and physical books - because of how it allows you to read books one chapter/episode at a time simply by searching on Amazon in Kindle … Continue reading Guest Post: A New Way To Read by Sheila Sellinger

Kindle Vella Author Spotlight: May Leonardo

Having joined Kindle Vella a week ago with my own novel, The Sea Rose, I quickly discovered that there are stories being published on this platform which are very impressive indeed. Vella authors share a feeling of companionship, and the platform also offers monetary gain if you advertise correctly. It's a fun place to meet … Continue reading Kindle Vella Author Spotlight: May Leonardo