A June Update

Kindle Vella has taken over my life.

More specifically, this story has taken over my life. I’ve never been very good at writing endings to novels. I’ve always wanted to tell a story in serial form like Dickens; I never imagined how addicting it can be.

34 chapters have passed since I announced that The Sea Rose was going on Vella. I have gotten 9 reviews that are absolutely heartwarming. My characters, after being given the chance to come alive, are showing aspects of themselves I was clueless about when brainstorming…and I’ve got so much to thank them for!

I’ve also read so many good stories on Vella! It is a place of awesome creativity and authors who are friendly & supportive to one another. Some Vella authors publish their stories in eBook format. Others love the serial format and continue adding for readers to keep coming back. There is no wrong way to do it.

In my opinion, the point is to have your story told.

Technically The Sea Rose ended at chapter 31 and we are now in the second book. For the moment, the title of book 2 is Groundwater. Subplots are spreading out like a plant’s roots and creating an intricate story that even I am becoming lost in. While I have no self control and will continue to update the story as the weeks pass, I hope to edit The Sea Rose into an eBook by the end of the year.

How has your summer been? Have you read The Sea Rose yet? What’s stopping you?


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