I discovered this year that shifting focus clarifies a story.

I’ve been toying for a while with the idea of putting THE AUTUMN PRINCE on Vella; I even dreamed of it once (too much?) but didn’t trust in my ability to do so without crossing from editing to rewriting.

THE AUTUMN PRINCE can be read here!

I must learn control, because all of the rewrites won’t make perfection. It doesn’t exist.

And when I rediscovered the characters in TAP, sharing time with them, I began to understand the characters in GROUNDWATER—because I had someone to compare them with.

Peter is not Caspar; Theo is not Winston. They’re different, and seeing them side-by-side helps me notice their strengths & weaknesses.

Autumn is approaching, and with it a season of productivity.

I suddenly have the motivation to work on multiple stories and edit them (without rewriting).

It’s not new; I tend to focus more when leaves begin to fall. I can hear nature preparing to yawn.

When are you most creative?


2 thoughts on “THE AUTUMN PRINCE: A Vella Serial

  1. Oh, I remember when you were posting about the Autumn Prince! How exciting! I’ll have to check that out. :)


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