Welcoming Autumn

September is here! The hot weather is retreating; pumpkin spice has returned.

As I wait eagerly for leaves to fall from the trees, I am looking for spooky and Halloween-themed books to read.

Ghost stories have always been among my favorites. I enjoy learning about old houses and historical figures; knowing that some people claim them to be haunted adds to the excitement!

I don’t love ghost stories for the scare of it, though. Ghosts are fascinating because they provide a link between the past and future. A ghost is a time traveler, albeit often unwillingly. A ghost would see our world so differently, appreciating things that we take for granted, like touch or a chat about the weather.

I have no opinion about whether ghosts are actually real, but they’re definitely fun to read about.

Do you have plans for the autumn?


5 thoughts on “Welcoming Autumn

  1. As Autumn approaches, I always enjoy the changing of colors in nature. The weather becoming cooler with a slight chill in the morning is always a beautiful way to welcome the day! Especially while clutching a hot coffee looking out upon the daylight just cresting the horizon.

    1. And the smell of pine cones! And the blanket of leaves on the ground! I love seeing nature settle down for her rest. It reminds me that I, too, can rest. Thanks for the comment! 🍂

  2. I like ghost stories, too, and like you, not necessarily because they are scary. I love the link to history and love time-travel type stories, and you are right — ghosts are like unwilling time travelers.

    1. I think ghost stories that aren’t scary are often real gems. The stories that focus on emotions a ghost would still have. Those are haunting and beautiful! I’m so glad you agree! Thanks for the comment 🤍

  3. Ah, Autumn is just my favorite time of year!!! <3

    I'd never thought about ghosts that way… that's really intriguing. Sounds like a great story idea!


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