Though ghosts and tales about them are popular, especially around the time of Halloween, nothing is really known about them. How would a ghost spend all of that free time? Does a ghost ever wish to have a biscuit or a conversation with the living?

THE DUKE’S GHOST BRIDE by Fanny Finch is a charming, quick read that plays on themes of ghosts and unfinished business. We meet a female protagonist, Elaine. Having fled from her wedding, Elaine is forced to play the part of a ghost bride in an old castle.

She had gone there in hopes of finding shelter, but was found by its master, Nelson, who discovered her in the wedding dress while exploring the dusty corridors. Elaine has no choice but to make up stories explaining her presence.

She is a ghost with unfinished business—but doesn’t mind a conversation. She does not need food, but spirits are pleased with offerings. Bits like this fool Nelson initially, but then he goes into town and learns of the runaway bride. Soon, he is playing along, not because he believes in ghosts—but because of love.

Will their interactions become real enough for a happily ever after?

This book was a delight and perfect for October. I hope you will give it a read; Fanny Finch is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors!

Buy it here!

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