I have not yet read many mystery novels, my preferred genre being historical fiction. However, I’ve noticed that a mystery tends to be memorable if the protagonist—the sleuth—is interesting.

Holmes and Watson are great sleuths! I scarcely remember the plot lines of those novels (I know, I know—due for a reread!) but I can remember their character traits and witty exchanges.

I can name a few other sleuths, but to keep this review to the point, I will refrain. Soon, I’ll share a list of some of my favorite mystery books.

Currently available on Kindle Vella, The Daring Adventures of Honoria Porter are hidden gems in the mystery category. Honoria is bored with being told what to do. Rather than being forced into a marriage she does not want, she packs her things and boards a ship with her maid, Lia, in search of an independent life. When a fellow passenger on the barque falls victim to jewel theft, Honoria can’t help but take a closer look—and perhaps track down the thief.

The dialog sparkles with wit, and it is refreshing to read of a female character in a historical setting who does not simper. She knows what she doesn’t want—and what she does want—and is unafraid to tread the path she chooses, regardless of what others might think.

With an engaging plot, lively heroine, and fascinating alternate-universe historical setting, this has become one of my favorite Vella stories. Book two is ongoing. I hope that you will give it a try!

Read it here!

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