Giveaway Story #3: Tears of a Daemon

Read the other stories--In the Silence and The Sailor's Son! Learn more about the giveaway here! This is my personal favorite. I hope you enjoy it! Tyson had always preferred going places on foot, seeking open space as if it could help him control the strange power within him. For as long as he could … Continue reading Giveaway Story #3: Tears of a Daemon

Giveaway Story #2: The Sailor’s Son

Here is the second story for the Dissonance giveaway! (If you just found out about this and want to know details about how to win, click here!) Reads for the first story and responses to that question still count, you can find it here! Thanks for joining me, and I hope you enjoy! Again, here … Continue reading Giveaway Story #2: The Sailor’s Son

Guest Post: Setbacks and Opportunities

I used to live a twenty-minute drive from a massive, sandy beach. It was never warm there, never suited for lounging and sunbathing. It was always windy, and the north Atlantic water was frigid even on the warmest days. But it was a lovely spot for searching for sand dollars. Sometimes I’d find one within … Continue reading Guest Post: Setbacks and Opportunities

What Professor Snape’s Death Tells us about Fiction

Your news feeds are full of Alan Rickman—pictures, quotes, and tributes. Perhaps you're tired of it, which considering the volume of posts would be understandable, but allow me to explain what it means in my point of view. The Rickman post I've seen going around most is this: “Actors are agents of change. A film, … Continue reading What Professor Snape’s Death Tells us about Fiction

#wordstorm: looking at flowers

At the grocery store yesterday, I photographed many flower arrangements. It's not spring yet, but flowers remind me of what's to come! Time flies, and soon it will be warm. There'll be more flowers, ladybugs, even bees (which I hate.) I'll be able to wear shorter sleeves. There'll be a smell of new in the … Continue reading #wordstorm: looking at flowers

Guest Post: Creating Compelling Characters

My dear friend Briana Morgan has guest posted on my blog before, and it is an honor to feature her again with a fantastic post on creating compelling characters. If you would like to read her other guest post, click here! Thank you, Mariella, for letting me guest post on your blog! Today, I’m thrilled … Continue reading Guest Post: Creating Compelling Characters

The 2015 Birthday Bookhaul

I mentioned that the fourteenth was my birthday (still feeling 22!) The festivities consisted of a trip to the bookstore, and that's all I need to celebrate! Winterspell is the first one I've started reading! I'm actually slowing the process so it won't end too quickly, because it's bewitching. And that cover is gorgeous. But … Continue reading The 2015 Birthday Bookhaul

Cover Reveal: Sworn by Kate Sparkes

Not every fairy tale ends with "happily ever after." The plan was simple: Find Ulric, the lost king of Tyrea, then return him to Luid to reclaim his throne and depose the tyrant who stole it from him. With the country free, Aren, Rowan, and Nox would finally be able to leave their pasts behind … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Sworn by Kate Sparkes

Cover Reveal: Hello, Handsome by Caity H.

Happy December! I'm excited to participate in the cover reveal for Hello, Handsome--written by a friend of mine and sequel to Hello, Honeybee! I'll be reviewing Hello, Honeybee soon; if you want to check it out, it's available here! Blurb: Honeybee and Lex are back and ready to rock this sequel business. When we first met Olivia (nicknamed Honeybee) and … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Hello, Handsome by Caity H.

Review: Blood and Water by Briana Morgan

In this fast paced and appropriately sickening novel, London has been struck by a plague—people cough up blood to their deaths. Our main character, Jay, finds himself in a dreadful situation: He's fallen ill but managed to keep it a secret to not worry his sister. But his plans to keep what little peace that … Continue reading Review: Blood and Water by Briana Morgan

Academy of Media Arts: An Introduction

In the age of technology, art is no longer limited to what we can make with ink on paper. That sketch in your journal can be brought to life using the computer; however, we tend to define digital art as limited. Few people want to be trapped behind the screen of a monitor, learning complicated tools. The Academy … Continue reading Academy of Media Arts: An Introduction

The Autumn Prince Novel: Cover & Excerpt

How are your NaNo novels doing? I am pleased to say that I have reached 32k and have an end in mind, which is more than I can say for other NaNo projects--indeed, more than I can say for any writing projects at all. Also, my friend Kristia made a beautiful cover that I could … Continue reading The Autumn Prince Novel: Cover & Excerpt