Giveaway Story #3: Tears of a Daemon

Read the other stories--In the Silence and The Sailor's Son! Learn more about the giveaway here! This is my personal favorite. I hope you enjoy it! Tyson had always preferred going places on foot, seeking open space as if it could help him control the strange power within him. For as long as he could … Continue reading Giveaway Story #3: Tears of a Daemon

Giveaway Story #2: The Sailor’s Son

Here is the second story for the Dissonance giveaway! (If you just found out about this and want to know details about how to win, click here!) Reads for the first story and responses to that question still count, you can find it here! Thanks for joining me, and I hope you enjoy! Again, here … Continue reading Giveaway Story #2: The Sailor’s Son

Giveaway Story #1: In the Silence

The giveaway game starts today, and will last until the 26! Here is the first story, and at the end of this post is a question to answer; if you answer correctly, I will put your name in the jar to qualify for a paper copy of Dissonance! To learn all about this giveaway, click here! … Continue reading Giveaway Story #1: In the Silence

How to Participate in the Dissonance Paperback Giveaway

I've been looking forward to this--the first Dissonance paperback giveaway! On February 26, I'm choosing a person (they can be anywhere in the world!) who will receive a copy of Dissonance, but this isn't a like-to-win situation. I have written four short stories based on what happened before Dissonance. They show four characters' points of … Continue reading How to Participate in the Dissonance Paperback Giveaway