cats, Sabriel, and my coffee tasting career

Because books are my life and this blog is titled life, literature & coffee, I figured I’d make a periodical to keeps you up-to-date on two of those things while I wait to become a coffee taster. Every Monday I will try to update you briefly on life and reading.

Dissonance is now available on nook and Kindle for $2.99! Buy and help me start my coffee tasting career!

I really wish I could write a long and rambling review on Brett’s novel I just finished beta reading. But he wouldn’t even drop a spoiler when we were waiting to beta it. Suffice it to say that it’s in my journal as one title I’m glad I had the chance to read. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy The Bureau of Time when it’s published.

Which it will be.

I’m also reading Sabriel. She always seems to be running away from things–but I keep reading because the talking cat is just about the best thing ever. He almost makes me forget the three cats stalking my guinea pig, Robinson, when he goes outside to play.

My brother caught a picture of one of these cats, and it has such a cocky grin on its face that I have to share.

He turned his back on us and left when he realized he was being photographed in the act.

Also I’m finally reading The Selection. I’m only on chapter 5 so don’t have many thoughts to share yet. Goodreads has mixed reviews on it which generally makes me feel optimistic about a book.

Next on my list is Everything That Makes You by McStay. I know because my reading journal says so.

Also, book review coming up on Wrong About The Guy by Claire LaZebnik. It was a fun read.

There you go. Life and Literature.

I’m off to drink some coffee.

One thought on “cats, Sabriel, and my coffee tasting career

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Mariella! I’m so glad you enjoyed my novel, and hope that one day lots of other people will be able to read it too! And definitely no spoiler leaks! ;)

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