The Book Creators – for those who thrive on literature

Calling all bookworms!

The Book Creators hope to provide engaging posts for bibliophiles in all stages of their passion. Published or unpublished, reader or writer, our aim is to be a home for those who can’t live without a book in their backpack (or maybe two.)

We have gathered from all over the world with different backgrounds and genres, hoping to prove the love of books takes on many forms. Here, we’ll help you find the perfect book—or guide you in the process of writing one.

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Sometimes it’s easy to look at the online reading community and divide readers from writers. What I’ve found over the years is that not all readers write and many writers don’t read every popular book around. What we do have in common is a passionate love for the literary world, the ability to get lost in a book. Libraries are beautiful places for us; paragraphs are exciting.

We don’t read the same genres or enjoy the same authors. I’ve met avid readers who don’t like J.K. Rowling–which seems absurd to most of us, but they offer real insight on why they prefer obscure novels to Harry Potter.

We at The Book Creators hope to prove words have power, and it never fades. No matter how old you are or what you read, whether you write or collect books on a shelf, we have something in common. We share a lifestyle that takes us back in time, shedding light on the darkest situations, providing us with an escape.

We’ve shared adventures in imaginary worlds we found within the pages of books.

Let me invite you to this new project.  It’s a gathering for those who can’t seem call one place home because there are so many books we haven’t read yet. Why settle when we can go anywhere in time and space? We can meet anyone and be anything.

This blog is for those of us who’d rather be in the pages of a book, and I can’t wait to help you find the perfect book–or write it. My first post went live today–Resources for Outlining Stories.

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