Two Colorful Weeks Into 2022

My aim for 2022 is to learn about myself and what my place is in God’s story. Other years I would have started planning the two novels I intended to write.

In 2022 I have yet to trouble my literary muse, allowing her time to breathe while expressing myself in other ways.

In two weeks, I have–

  • Discovered that baking is a fantastic way to calm my nerves and feel I’m doing something wholesome.
  • Learned that watercolor is like poetry with paint–the color can go anywhere. Though this can be frustrating at times, there’s relief in knowing I’m not in control of everything.
  • Enjoyed a book about Napoleon titled The Invisible Emperor, taking my time to read it. Now I am reading a book about Shakespeare. I hope to tackle the history books in my library. If I were to speed-read my history books, I’d risk missing important details.
  • Remembered that I enjoy sketching. I’m not as bad at it as my inner critic always told me. Last night, I filled a page with bunnies.

I have begun to accept myself for who I am and what I have achieved. I am excited to see where my hobbies will take me a year from now. I’m grateful that I’ve decided to try new things.

I have been showered with blessings in two weeks. These are too personal to write about in detail. I want you all to know–God is paying attention. He looks after us. When I am holding a paintbrush, I imagine Him painting the beautiful sunsets He gifts us daily.

I know that 2022 will help me to know myself better. There remain many people in the world who are ill and suffering. No year is without its opportunities to grieve and sympathize.

However, playing with color has shown me that we should not feel guilty for finding joy.

What have you learned in the first two weeks of 2022?

10 thoughts on “Two Colorful Weeks Into 2022

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! I can’t wait to find out what my style ultimately is! Yes, I am finding so much freedom in art; I wish I’d started sooner! Thanks for the comment!

  1. Aw this is lovely, i’m happy you found yourself!
    Your watercolors are so pretty 🥰. I’m so inclined on everything needing to be perfect, I feel like this is something that I would struggle with.. though i’m trying to let things go more this year and giving myself less of a heartache. Though this is definately something i’d been wanting to try!

    1. <3 <3 Thank you! As a beginner artist it makes me so happy to receive even the smallest praise! I am so excited to see what I'll be able to make a year from now!

      It frustrates me as well when I can't control the water and the picture does what it wants–but then I think of it as art having life of its own. It's like magic! I recommend that you try it.

      thank you for the comment <3

    1. I have not tried guache yet but I have heard of it. I want to find out which brand is the best before I try a new art medium. It looks really fun though!

      Commitment to projects is so important! Setting tiny goals is what helps me in that respect. Make checklists so that whenever you make some progress you can cross it off. It feels really satisfying!

      Thanks for the comment <3

  2. Your sketches are wonderful — thank you for sharing them here! I’ve had a bit of a tough start to 2022 (nothing serious, just a series of things coming all at once that have been a bit difficult to deal with) but they have reminded me that I can be extremely resilient. I’ve also started to take my health a lot more seriously and I learned how good that can make me feel — not sure why I put it off so long! Thank you for sharing your year thus far — I hope 2022 is a good time all round!

    1. I think it’s a good idea if we all started thinking more about our health–we are seeing everywhere how fragile the human body can be, and doing basic things to stay physically & emotionally healthy can be so much fun! Those are great resolutions of yours. Resilience is very important and worth the struggle. I hope you have a great year as well. Remember we’re only 17 days in–so many blessings will happen before the year ends!

      Thanks for the comment <3

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