On the Solitary Writer

After 70 episodes of my serial, I find myself contemplating it—wondering how it got to 70 episodes—and marveling at how great a difference it can make to have readers. Writing is by nature a very isolated activity. I now wonder how much of that isolation is self-imposed. Why does every writer have to brood over … Continue reading On the Solitary Writer

Pre-Order THE UNDERGLOW by Teshelle Combs

Aurelie Kendrick hasn't spoken a word since she was a young girl. Lucky for her, vampires, known in her world simply as "pyres" like Alexander don't speak either. But in a dark world where pyres are enslaved, forced to drink the blood of their masters, can the speechless find a voice?


I discovered this year that shifting focus clarifies a story. I’ve been toying for a while with the idea of putting THE AUTUMN PRINCE on Vella; I even dreamed of it once (too much?) but didn’t trust in my ability to do so without crossing from editing to rewriting. THE AUTUMN PRINCE can be read … Continue reading THE AUTUMN PRINCE: A Vella Serial