The Lady of Paris

Yesterday, the Eiffel Tower stood before me. All my life, I had wanted to meet her in person, wanted it desperately; I pined for it, as if anxious she would one day walk away. I feared she would vanish to a different spot if I kept her waiting, for no lady likes to wait. But … Continue reading The Lady of Paris

The 2019 Reading List

In this post, I spoke about my New Year's Resolution: to read 30 classic novels—or at least attempt to read them—in order to work through my bookshelf. Collecting books is a beautiful thing, but that's only half the fun; the magic is in reading them! I said I would post my reading list when it … Continue reading The 2019 Reading List

A Night of Mist and Questioning

I walk in mist One chilly night, When sorrow-clouds Eclipse the light. They fill my lungs In every breath With loaded air Tasting of death. The street lights wonder, “Who is she?”— They’ve never seen The likes of me. Behind their thick Church-veil of cloud, The stars, too, gossip— Not aloud. The cobblestones Beneath my … Continue reading A Night of Mist and Questioning

How Books Resemble Flowers

Writing a story is like growing a flower in the sense that you can't rush it. The plant won't bloom if you don't give it the care it requires: some need more water, others wither if you give them too much. I learned through gardening and writing that it's best not to control things too … Continue reading How Books Resemble Flowers

A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill

Recently I learned that a friend with whom I had been very close a few years ago died suddenly. I don’t know the details and don’t think I could handle getting into them. It has unearthed a whole new set of emotions in me, things I had only read about before in books. There’s the … Continue reading A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill