Leaves will change From green to gold, Like they do every year— But I cannot Watch them crisp Without shedding a tear. The cricket-chorus Will be gone, Our bushes will be still. When frost sets in, Ice-cold like death, I will absorb the chill. Even lovely things Need sleep To flourish in the day. Flowers … Continue reading Lament

Wood of Unrest

Stars above flash in their envy; The Stream below's crying out loud. Even the Lady Moon turns away, Concealing her face in a shroud. A body of crimson Trees shiver. Cricket-song rises, protest! An ancient Wood full of enchantment Knows no spell to give it rest. Are these the days of Beginning-- Or is it … Continue reading Wood of Unrest

A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill

Recently I learned that a friend with whom I had been very close a few years ago died suddenly. I don’t know the details and don’t think I could handle getting into them. It has unearthed a whole new set of emotions in me, things I had only read about before in books. There’s the … Continue reading A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill