The Old, Grieving Garden

Wildflowers spring to life where they will As, above, the sun sets on my sorrow. I didn’t think that I had tears to cry still. This sadness will last well into the morrow. The flashes of blue and dots of white Dancing in patches of summer dirt Nod sympathetically to my plight, As if they … Continue reading The Old, Grieving Garden

A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill

Recently I learned that a friend with whom I had been very close a few years ago died suddenly. I don’t know the details and don’t think I could handle getting into them. It has unearthed a whole new set of emotions in me, things I had only read about before in books. There’s the … Continue reading A Whisper in a Daydream on a Hill

The Melody of Moving On

In the past, the ocean's cry had never filled my heart with sorrow; everything had changed. My heart felt heavy as I approached the lighthouse one last time. Without her hand to hold, the place was bleak, haunted by years of shared laughter. Our favorite spot at the cliff's edge had seen good memories, all … Continue reading The Melody of Moving On