Starry Night by Isabel Gillies


I’m guilty of having bought this book mostly for the gorgeous cover and the title (Van Gogh is an inspiration.) It wasn’t until later that I noticed the reviews on Goodreads are harsh.

Way too harsh.

This book? I enjoyed it. I thought it was lovely.

Most of all, I enjoyed the writing style–which other people are fond of attacking. But really? I thought it was gorgeous, so poetic and fresh.

They complain that characters act older than they are. Some of the most popular YA books I’ve read also have this trait. They’re just not as beautifully written.

Maybe it’s getting hate for being a romance? For the sad ending? The title is a bit misleading, as the Starry Night painting doesn’t even appear until the end, but that’s the only thing that really bugged me.

One of the reviews on Goodreads says to tear it out of someone’s hands if caught reading it. Don’t. Heavens, don’t do it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but…


This book is among my favorites. If my opinion matters at all, I’d urge any romance lover to give it a try, and I’m definitely going to read it again.

I just know I held my breath and waited a moment when I read this part:

He turned around and caught me by the waist.
“You totally don’t have to come if you think you’ll get in trouble.” I was sort of suspended over him, still on the stairs, but leaning into him like I was a ballerina and he was going to lift me into the air.

This book was like poetry to me. I felt like the narrator was talking into my ear. It’s a good thing. Give it a try.

when in doubt, organize your books


Organize your bookshelves.


That’s what I did today. I gathered a great deal of classic books and put them in the glass display case on my desk. If any story deserves to be on display, it’s a classic. They’ve earned their place in history, each has a reason for being a classic.

Isn’t that neat?


**I have not read all of these books. Many are from thrift shops or other sources. That last book is a fancy copy of Wuthering Heights I adore. Yes, I have read that one.

I don’t know, but there’s something about reading a classic…about picking up A Christmas Carol or Peter Pan for the dozenth time…I feel like I’m visiting a historic dream (or nightmare) many other people have also seen, an often tragic place of which we share memories.

Some are dark, like Dracula. 

Some are complicated and many, like Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, are so reflective that you meet the author, even if they’re dead.

I could go on and on about why I love classic books, and how I don’t understand people who don’t. You just haven’t found the right classic yet! There’s one for all of us! Gatsby not for you? Well, try Frankenstein (which I own but is not pictured here. I couldn’t find all my classics to get them together.)

Have you read any of these? Which do you think I should add?

a poem for Easter morning

The Word became flesh
And dwelt among us,
But men tried to send Him away

To the realm of death
Where He would be silenced
From teaching us how to pray.

They learned three days later
That Truth is much greater–
And you may set fire to a book,

But you’re going to find that
He rose from the ashes.
Just go to the cave now, and look.

Happy Easter.


The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English

Mariella Hunt:

and I’ll share my favorites–


Originally posted on Just English:

Ailurophile A cat-lover.
Assemblage A gathering.
Becoming Attractive.
Beleaguer To exhaust with attacks.
Brood To think alone.
Bucolic In a lovely rural setting.
Bungalow A small, cozy cottage.
Chatoyant Like a cat’s eye.
Comely Attractive.
Conflate To blend together.
Cynosure A focal point of admiration.
Dalliance A brief love affair.
Demesne Dominion, territory.
Demure Shy and reserved.
Denouement The resolution of a mystery.
Desuetude Disuse.
Desultory Slow, sluggish.
Diaphanous Filmy.
Dissemble Deceive.
Dulcet Sweet, sugary.
Ebullience Bubbling enthusiasm.
Effervescent Bubbly.
Efflorescence Flowering, blooming.
Elision Dropping a sound or syllable in a word.
Elixir A good potion.
Eloquence Beauty and persuasion in speech.
Embrocation Rubbing on a lotion.
Emollient A softener.
Ephemeral Short-lived.
Epiphany A sudden revelation.
Erstwhile At one time, for a time.
Ethereal Gaseous, invisible but detectable.
Evanescent Vanishing quickly, lasting a very short time.
Evocative Suggestive.
Fetching Pretty.
Felicity Pleasantness.
Forbearance Withholding response to provocation.
Fugacious Fleeting.

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april is abundant–with life, birdsong, allergies, hope.

I love April because that’s when things bloom.

It’s when things start anew.

It’s abundant with life, birdsong, allergies, and hope.

For some reason I feel this overwhelming sense of starting over. I redecorated my wall, put up my movie posters, am about to finish my old journal.

Aprils are always interesting for me.

I was baptized on April 10 years ago.

Two of my cousins’ birthdays are on April.

Last year I worried about getting a prom dress on April. Yes, some homeschoolers get prom nights. (I got to go into one of those fancy dress shops!)

A few years ago my grandma Carmen came on an April, all the way from Peru.

I’m eager to see what it is this year.

And let’s start with Easter weekend, the Triduum.



p.s. those are not our flowers, but those of a friend…I do not have a green thumb

a mess i am organizing: the writer introduces herself

Hello there. Every now and then, when it starts to get slow around here, I feel the need to reintroduce myself as a blogger and a writer.

You see, things are happening.

-a cover is coming
-a sequel is being written
-reading goals have been reached
-a spoiled guinea pig is crying for more snacks

My name is Mariella Hunt and I am 21 years old. Writing is my thing–like, I am rarely able to express myself if not with pen on paper (or fingers on keyboard.) I live in a little room full of books, which are mostly classics, YA, and religious topics.

Recently I dyed my hair blue-black…after having been Sorted into Ravenclaw. But still, most people don’t see the blue in it. Do you?


I set my heart on self-publishing a book and it is going to happen. My mistake was setting a date and trying to rush things. I promise you, though, Dissonance will be out in 2015.

On April 17, I’ll have been a baptized Catholic for 10 years. That’s pretty big for me. I am so grateful for all God’s patience, and the gifts He’s given me–letting me try to create, just a little, like He does!

We adopted a guinea pig named Robinson, and he just makes me so happy.

Finally, I’ve so far been successful at the 2015 Goodreads Challenge because I read all the Harry Potter books in about two weeks. I finished with a migraine and lots of daydreams to even it out. Will post about my Hogwarts experiences soon.

I’m trying to broaden the scope of things I post on this blog, in hopes it’ll make me excited to blog more often. To learn about me and my upcoming novel, click the three lines all the way up there ^ on the header.

Maybe a clean slate is what I need to get things started here again. Nice to meet you. I’d love to find out more about you in the comments section!

(And I deliberately put this off till after April Fool’s Day. This is not a joke.)

One Day After Hogwarts


I’ve been reading Harry Potter for the past two weeks, going through every one of the books. Well, I finished last night and the sudden absence of the wizarding world is deafening. It was my intention to revisit my childhood, and not only did I do that–being able to read the books in order increased my understanding greatly.

One thing I paid attention to was the world building. Though sometimes the magic system confused me, I enjoyed seeing how various creatures existed hidden in our world. I noted how Rowling managed to sum up the previous books perfectly in the first chapters, so I wasn’t missing out on anything I needed to know. That’s a useful skill I should practice, summing things up.

To get all my thoughts together, I need a notebook and time. It feels like I just got back from a fantastic vacation and need to organize my memories. They will come soon enough, as I really do have a lot to say (there will probably be spoilers…)

Now I just don’t know what to read next. Maybe poetry. A different genre should do the trick.

Also, today was Ravenclaw Pride Day!


The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers

Mariella Hunt:

Definitely worth looking into these!

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

It’s an interesting relationship that book lovers have with the Internet: most would rather read a physical book than something on an iPad or Kindle, and even though an Amazon purchase is just two or three clicks away, dedicated readers would rather take a trip to their local indie bookstore. Yet the literary world occupies a decent-sized space on the web. Readers, writers, publishers, editors, and everybody in between are tweeting, Tumbling, blogging, and probably even Vine-ing about their favorite books. In case the demise of Google Reader threw your literary Internet browsing into a dark void, here’s a list of 25 book sites to bookmark. 

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A New Friend

I have something to blog about other than books!

robbie eats

This little guy’s name is Robinson. He’s a guinea pig we adopted exactly a week ago. They’d left him at the pet store, and seeing him all alone made me very sad.

As of right now he’s rather frightened, but I’m sure over time he’ll get used to me and his new home. We’ve been reading about guinea pigs and learning the kinds of foods that are good for them. He’s a spoiled little guy–who can resist those eyes? Or the cute tuft of white hair on top of his head?

This blog is likely to have some guinea pig updates from now on because I’ve just got to share him with everyone!


With spring here, I even think of cleaning with new optimism (conveniently forgetting that every time I ‘clean,’ I lose something I need later.) The weather where I live has been absolutely perfect; I look forward to many long days reading out on the patio in the light of the sun.

I’m surprised and very excited by people suddenly wanting to read The Wishing Well. I’d forgotten it was on Wattpad when suddenly I got all these requests for me to update it. Even I don’t quite remember how the ending goes, so reading has been a pleasant experience for me too.

Also, I’m almost done with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows–at the end of my two weeks binge reading the entire series. I have a lot to say, but won’t start writing until I’ve read the last page. This book is hard on my heart…oh, the feels.

Hope March has been kind to you!

Well, hi there.

Leave it to me to disappear right when people start commenting more! (Thanks guys, I love you all, time to comment back!) It just never seems like I have anything new to say. Let me ramble about books.

I resolved to read the entire Harry Potter series again. I am up to book four right now, and I’ve been in the wizarding world for about three days literally lost in those books. They make me very nostalgic for times when I’d go see the movies with my friends–but I still haven’t seen Deathly Hallows Part II. Don’t spoil it for me! It gives me hope that I still have a bit of that magic left to discover.

A few days ago I went on a book shopping spree. Here’s what I got:

I must think I’m some kind of scholar. The Novel is a huge book about the history of the novel in the English language (Hermione must have rubbed off on me a little.) I figured as a writer it would be useful to know. And Dictionary of Imaginary Places is simply a joy to skim through. I was hesitant to get it at first, but now I am so glad to have it on my shelf! It’ll definitely come in useful someday!

I really want to make more of an effort to keep a reading journal. So many of my favorite adventures took place in a book! They made me think and left lasting impressions. Since I carry my phone around more than a notebook, I have been using the Day One journal app, which stores my entries on all devices. Pretty handy!

I will also try to share some of my thoughts on here. When I finish the Harry Potters, I think I will need to fangirl a little!

With the weather improving here, I’m eager to see plants grow and spend more time outside. What are your Spring plans?